Think back for a moment to when you were a preschooler ...

What was on your "to do" list each day?
Play? Run? Jump? Swing? Sing? Dance? Climb? Paint? Tumble? Get Messy?

Now think about how great it would be, if you were in preschool again ... to do all of those things (and many more!) in one place built especially for you and all of your friends. Would that make you smile?
Now imagine that this place had foam padded floors, child proof electrical outlets, all preschool-sized equipment including parallel bars, uneven bars, high bar, a moonbounce with slide, a big foam pit, jungle gym climbing equipment, a tumble trak trampoline, rock climbing wall, rope swing, zip line, cargo net, trapeze swings, rings, balance beams and many other pieces of equipment, was free of chalk dust AND had separate music and creative arts rooms and waiting areas.
As a parent, would that make you smile?
Our facility, built exclusively for kids 6 months through 6 years old and to support our custom programs is unlike any other you have ever seen. It is safe. It is clean. It sparks the imagination and screams fun.
It is the perfect atmosphere for your child to play, explore, learn and grow.
Rolly Pollies® state of the art facility was designed with one purpose in mind: to create an unforgettable experience for your child.

But don't take our word for it ... Let your child be the judge!
Please Contact Us if you have any questions about our facilities.