Motor Skills Adventures

Rolly Pollies structured, movement-based curriculum is divided into five 9-week sessions, each of which highlights one major skill theme (such as orientation, hand/foot-eye coordination, jumping/landing, rolling and others), while covering all fundamental movement categories including strength, flexibility, agility, rhythm, endurance, balance, physical awareness and more.

The equipment set-up changes weekly and features standard stations as well as new activity stations where particular movements are solicited and practiced.

Our age-appropriate class activities are based on principles gathered from the latest research in child development, physiology and physical education and are arranged to maximize the individual goals of each age group.
Our Caterpillars class for kids 6 months to walking is centered around group activities including singing, games, instructor led discussions and individual activity stations. Development categories covered in this class include brachiation (chest muscle/lung development), vestibular system stimulation (balance/inner ear mechanism), inversion, spatial relationships and body awareness among others.
Our 3 year old program builds an instructional bridge between our toddler and pre-school programs adding socialization activities and increased structure to build their confidence and independence.
From there, we move into our toddler programs for 1 and 2 year olds that are more exploration based, incorporating singing, dancing, games and activity stations in a semi-structured format.
Finally, our 4 to 6 year old programs continue this pattern as instructors help our Gymbugs™ perform more advanced activities independently from their parents/caregivers in a nurturing class atmosphere with clear and firm task presentation.

Our Classes: